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  • private, affordable, cloud servers
  • contains special architect specific software
  • store any files of ANY software, private chat
  • work with Autocad or any other CAD
  • also works with the world's first
    space based BIM software; TAD
  • No other BIM required

    see Free trial for 15 days.No card/payment needed' data-toggle='lightbox' data-width='750' href='/features' id='featurebox'>the features that make this possible


    Store all your files in a dedicated, special VPS on the cloud. Completely private. Save on your hardware cost. Save on the cost of Dropbox. Save on files scattered here and there. Save on messages regarding your projects and people fragmented in various Whatsapp groups

    It is so important that your data and other matters remain with you. It should be managed by you. So even files that go into an architects portfolio can be managed by you. Our system helps you do that. It is a boon if you find that some old photos of your projects and/or outdated data are still being shown in various external portfolio sites


    Share files with only the ones you choose.

    Manage permissions easily. Bring in outsiders into your private office chat system as needed. Remove them when the project is over. Keep track of what is shared with whom. Keep track of who is working on what file.

    Keep track of the issues in your projects. Open up the issue system selectively to your clients and consultants. Track who in the office is working on which issue in which project


    You can outsource your work to temp staff. Our sytem ensures that not all data is made available to them. Just the ones on a need-to-know basis. You are assured that when people leave the office, critical files are not lost

    Manage different file versions automatically. No more saving final.dwg , reallyfinal.dwg, etc

    Send our requests for technical information on the SPANSPACE network we are promoting. It is free for you. Think of this as Wikipedia for "Time Saver Standards"


    Communicate within your establishment and share files on the go with your own private chatting system. All chat data belongs to you. It is not locked in your and your colleagues mobiles in whatsapp. You would also be automagically reminded of file management events happening in your office as you chat.

    Your private chat system has got a set of channels.

    Receive communication from suppliers, contractors and other sales representatives directly into the appropriate channels


    We do not add any spam from our side into your inbox. In fact, we can easily reduce the spam you may be getting. Because, you can receive commercial communications in its own dedicated channel on the integrated, private Chat system

    As soon as we get enough architects taking these servers, we would open up this portal for contractors, suppliers etc to use a form here to send commercial information to you; sorted neatly into the correct channels. Hence no spam on your emails! ...and you would get paid for each such commercial communication


    Maintaining the office files, getting people to use them correctly, getting info from suppliers, contractors, tracking issues of the clients, private office communication ... all them are all such a headache.

    ALL those headaches are solved by each one of these servers

    TAD and these Architects Desktop servers arose from a company (Syncspace) started by an architect (Sabu Francis) He has been dilgently working on using computers for architecture since 1989. He won the 1991 Special JIIA award for Architectural research. He is the author of TAD, the world's first space-based BIM software. It allows you to design right from early stages onwards

    We are very empathetic to architects lives and their way of working. You will find that we truly understand both the subject of architecture as well as its practice

    The cloud servers we have carefully created for architects contain all that is needed for running any architect's office anywhere. It has both trusted open-source software as well as software written by us, to help you in file-management, people- management, private chatting for your organization (No more whatsapp groups)

    It even has the server component of TAD Designer; which you can put into use the moment you are comfortable with TAD (soon to be released). With TAD Designer you can even design with fellow architects over the Internet. It is our ambition to support an open source design movement in architecture See

    The Architects Desktop servers hover in the cloud. Each one is tethered to your office. Totally private. Totally inaccessible to anyone else Access it from anywhere, the way you need. Communicate and share files with your team members in real time. Access the earlier version of a file without the help of anyone No more saving files as "final.dwg" and "reallyfinal.dwg"

    The story doesn't ends here. Consider a situation where you want details of a particular building material for your project. You can easily end out requests for information on the SPANSPACE network the server is connected on. There is no cost to architects for the SPANSPACE network. Connect to it using your own private chat

    Vendors, suppliers, contractors can drop in their commercial literature into special channels in the chat system You could even chat with the vendor in real time. And absolutely NO spam since your identity is kept secret and only the one's you wish are allowed to communicate to you

    Start your 15 day free trial now!

    Trial period of 15 days. No credit-card, payment needed for trial. All offerings have same features. Only Storage size and RAM differs. Each and every cloud server from us comes with a dedicated IP address, special software pre-installed, 1 hour free server-management per month, full 12hr x 7 web based support, 1 hour free phone support per month and complete documentation. Free server software upgrades for one year. Backups are NOT included

    Buy any of the offerings below from our company store
    server types: (all prices are in Indian rupees)


    same as four vada pavs, and two chai each day of the month
  • Rs 1999/-per month
  • 50 Gigabyte Space
    (Approx 40 Gig free)
  • 2Gb RAM
  • mansion

    same as treating yourself and your friend at CCD once every week
  • Rs 2999/- per month
  • 100 Gigabyte Space
    (Approx 90 Gig free)
  • 4Gb RAM
  • palace

    The relationship is now growing: Spend only for a movie and a CCD treat with you and your friend once a week
  • Rs 3999/- per month
  • 200 Gigabyte Space
    (Approx 190 Gig free)
  • 8Gb RAM


    API + WebHooks for Architects Portfolios

    Architects using our servers can release their portfolios to all the portfolio publishing sites, using simple webhooks. You are in total control of what gets published to portfolio sites. Your data remains always with you. You can switch on/off these outside publications at your control. You can make changes to the data on your own server and the same would be reflected on all those sites which is pulling the data from your own cloud server.

    We also provide an API (Application Programming Interface) for those geeks who want to further extend our functionality. Our servers bind all architects together into the SPANSPACE network; where the entire community would exchange data (both free and at cost). Our servers also help intelligent communication of material from suppliers, contractors, builders, etc that directly get deposited in various channels inside your private Chat system that is in your server.

    Now here is the best part: We charge the suppliers, etc per message sent. Just the way SMS are charged. You get paid 30% of that for each commercial communication received by you using this system

    Some photos from the works of Architect Sabu Francis. All of them were done using TAD


    If you want to take total control of this cloud server yourself, you can do so: Just pay us the handing over cost, and sign our NDA (as you would now have access to our code also). Then you can directly pay the Hosting provider and nothing to us from that point onwards.

    You need to have more control? Don't like the Hosting provider we have procured the machine? Much more privacy? Contact us, and we will make a special arrangment for you. For example; if you have a stable Internet connection in your own office, we can give you a cloud server sitting right inside your office itself as a physical machine. All features will still be available

    come, give us a try

    Currently, these special servers would be made available to Indian architects only. We would soon open up for architects all over the world too. Setup time: Within 6 hours of filling the form, you would get an email with all details of your server

    Give a missed call

    (+91) 8213954354
    The phone is unattended. We will call back

    Support for all our offerings, including the Architects Desktop cloud servers, come from our central support department


    B501/502, Great Eastern Summit, Sector 15, CBD-Belapur Navi Mumbai, India 400614

    Before the trial is over, we will send you the monthly contract. Our payment gateway will handle the monthly subscriptions. Get 3 months credit for every three paid referrals (Scheme till August 2016)

    *Referral code is given to ALL paid customers. If Architect "ABC" gives his code to three others, and convinces ALL three to become paid customers, then "ABC" would get three months credits (of those three customers), for his own server. The three customers MUST provide the Referral code in the form above
    Type of The Architects Desktop cloud server:

    Note: Smaller servers can be upgraded later. However, bigger one cannot be downgraded. Non-Indian architects can select the "none" option and give us a feedback

    looking forward to doing business with you!

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