All our servers have the following

ARCHOFFICEMAN: Special architect software

The server box contains the ARCHOFFICEMAN software which is intelligently integrated with the chatting system. This management software was designed after 25 years of experience in actual architects's practice. The founder/CTO of Syncspace had his own architectural practice. So he had directly experienced the need for some kind of "bot" which will help deal with files and people in the office. That gave birth to ARCHOFFICEMAN. It is totally agnostic to the software you may have in the office. i.e. It can manage ALL kinds of files

The ARCHOFFICEMAN server is also the engine that allows each private server to connect (without loss of privacy) to the "SPANSPACE" network. It is also the system that allows other players from the building industry to connect to your server, and leave useful commercial messages into properly organized channels inside your own private chat system

TAD Server

TAD is the world's only space based BIM (Building Information Modeler) This was given birth in the founder's former architectural practice Sabu Francis & Associates The TAD Server is the server component that intelligently collects all the data made in the soon to-be released desktop client designing software TAD Designer Whenever you are ready, this new kind of BIM software can easily be integrated into your office

The TAD Server ensures that the design data is ALWAYS in your control. As the server machine is totally dedicated to your office, there is no way your data can be seen by others unless you chose to.

THe TAD Server also allows simultaneous collaborative designing. If ever you were to appoint architects from different locations, you can allow selectively --as per your setting -- access to only those data you want them to work collaboratively


All servers sold from here would automatically get an account at the SPANSPACE network. The SPANSPACE network is a worldwide network of architects and related professionals.

There are two further benefits that the SPANSPACE network would give you:

  • a) You would be able to participate inside a unique graphical discussion forum and
  • b) You can send off enquries and receive the answers directly into your own private chat system of your office.

  • GitLab

    GitLab is an open-source file management server which uses the industry standard GIT version control system. It also has a very powerful and neat issue tracker. You can easily create issues that arise in your projects; assign them to your staff and keep track on who is doing what. You can set the severity of the issues and many other functionalities.

    This GitLab server has been setup by us, and tweaked so that all the settings work for you. No additional batteries needed

    MatterMost Chat system

    The open-source MatterMost is a rugged chat system that follows latest industry standards for user interface. Now instead of having a separate Whatsapp group for each project; (and then forgetting to remove some person who should not be in that chat, or the messages are silently forwarded to some other place) you decide how exactly how your private chat system works

    Again, we have taken this open-source chat system and configured it to work exactly to the way we believe how an architect's office should work.

    Some industry channels in this chat system have been pre-created by us for you. They are like "rooms" into which commercial messages from the rest of the building industry (suppliers, contractors, builders, vendors ...) would get magically deposited. Now this is NOT spam. All architects need such messages, and have always pined for a way to organize the brochures, rate cards that these people give us. Now here is a neat way

    Moreover... you actually get PAID for each message that comes into these channels


    This box contains secure-FTP software activated too. Your office staff can decide to even work from remote locations. They can easily get to their data using the private tunnel through this secure FTP system. Again to make the matter really simple, we have tweaked and configured it for you so that you don't need any technical expertise to use this.

    For example; an employee may be pregnant and may be working from home for a few months. She just have to download and install the free open-source WinSCP software. Then, she can easily access the sFTP from her laptop and magically the data will appear in her laptop. Double click on the file there, and it would get opened in the relevant application. Of course, she would be connected to the office via the MatterMost private chat system

    API and Webhooks

    We have installed a special API engine, that would very carefully release portfolio material that you can then choose to announce to the rest of the world. As we all know, there are many architect portfolio collection portal all over the world. Instead of sending your portfolio to each and everyone our webhooks ensures that only the data YOU want to send across would be made available to those sites

    The API has considerable other strengths too. We are continuously improving it and you would see more and more functionality. Feel free to tell us what kind of functions you would need. If you are a geeky architect like our founder/CTO (Sabu Francis) you could easily program more capabilities into this box

    Constant upgrades

    We are continuously improving the server software installed. Each server leased from us would be continuously tweaked for performance. We are on the constant prowl to add more and more goodies into the machine, and surely you would see a pleasant surprise every once a while. We tweak each server for one year without changing the rates

    For example; very soon we would give a simple website publishing system of your own. Currently, we thought that this feature is not needed, as many architect use external websites of their own

    Server Management

    Each server by us would be supported by 1 hour of phone service per month, webinars and also web-support (Open 12 hour a day). Our website chatting system would almost be always available 24x7 hours, just in case you want to contact us in an emergency

    Note: The features mentioned on this page may get modified from time to time. This page would list the last known stable set