About the name

TAD (The Architects Desktop), the world's first space based BIM was born in 1989. The name was chosen because, the author (Sabu Francis) firmly believed that an architect need to have his "desktop" that contains all the tools to carry out all his/her works

Somewhere in the late nineties/early 2000 the software giant, Autodesk came up with an add-on to Autocad which they named "architectural desktop" (i.e. without the "the"; and the word architectural instead of architects) We believe it was not a separate software but required Autocad for it to work

Please note that we have no association or any arrangement with Autodesk. Our BIM software is nowadays popularly known as TAD. This website alludes to that software and also has the server component of that BIM; without the designing application (which works only on your computer locally) This site is for the SERVERS that prepare you to receive TAD in its totality later on

At the same time, these servers do manage ALL files that any architect may use -- including Autocad; with or without their various plugins and add-ons. Including what they call as architectural desktop :-)